Make Extra Money as a Mystery Shopper
If you want to make extra money, then mystery shopping is one way you can do so. There are people who do full time mystery shopping as a living.

Today, you will find mystery shopping companies that  will pay you to shop, eat at restaurants and take part in focus groups. Sometimes you also get to paid to go into a business without the employees' knowledge and report back to the mystery shopping company. 

In a focus group, you sit down with other people who are also getting paid and you discuss new products and services. If you live in or near a large metropolitan area, then it is easier to find mystery shopping jobs and focus groups. 

If you have done mystery shopping and have answered some questions, you file a report with your mystery shopping company. In your report, you need to answer a series of questions that you can easily complete.

The main goal of mystery shopping and focus groups is so that companies can get feedback on their employees, products and services. This can help them see whatever problems there might be so that they can makes changes and improvements on things. 

If you want to earn more money doing mystery shopping you simply search online for mystery shopping and register with a few of these companies. However, you should beware of companies that ask you to buy something from them. You want to find mystery shopping websites that will not charge you any type of fee to register and to do mystery shopping or focus groups.

It is best to learn more about mystery shopping by reading free information about it. A mystery shopper is basically like a reporter since you cannot add your feelings or your opinion of a mystery shopping report. You simply need to answer  questions, report the fats and describe what actually happened when you were shopping. 

You are not hired to give recommendations. They just want you to give facts about your mystery shopping assignment.

When you have registered with a few mystery shopping companies, you will be contacted by email whenever there is a mystery shopping job near you. When you want to do the shop, then that is the only time you should respond to the emails. If not, then you can ignore the email or delete it. You will be given the chance to choose when or the shops you want to do. 

This is the basics of mystery shopping. If you want to earn some extra money, then start searching for mystery shopping website and get paid to shop, eat, and take part in focus groups.